Stay Fit with Me

We all love to live fit and beautiful. It’s now time to kick out all the negative thoughts around and give a new start. Have faith in you as you are the only key to your success

Hey all, who don’t want to look beautiful, stay fit. YES , we all have hidden desires of these in our heart.

So today, I thought of speaking on how fit we can be. Let me tell u for my fitness, I believe in the term – “FEWS”.πŸ˜‰

Don’t worry, don’t worry……. I will let you know what it is one by one.


  • F: No “F” is not for fail. Here f is the first and foremost you should keep in mind and take care as this “F” is giving us the strength.

Yes, it’s none other than FOOD. Intake healthy food which includes lots of fruits and veggies. Take proper  amount of protein. Needless to say that this meal will also give you a beautiful skin with glorious body shape.

Overall suggestion is that, you should          have a proper balanced diet.

O! no no. No need to be sad. You can have your favourite meal, you know pizza, burger and all once in a week and I really mean it once mean only in one meal a day of a week…………

So cheer up!!!πŸ™Œ

  • E: Here comes our favourite “E” . Most of us love it and who don’t, love it, believe me it will love you too.

    This “E” is my favorite word – “ Exercise “. Yes, you must do atleast 30 min of exercise in regular basis, this will keep you healthy and fit.

    I know, always we can’t avail the gym. But no worries you can exercise at home. In internet you will find all type of exercise video such as Pilates , yoga etc. But follow the trainer properly.

    Set up your mind , feel the pain. Remember “ No Pain, No gain” .

    The most important thing in this “E” is the breathing process. You should inhale by nose when easy and exhale through mouth when it’s hard.

    Let me give an example, as I personally do Pilates, I will give one from there. In case of low leg lift, inhale when press the legs down, exhale  when lift the legs.

    Another important thing is you must stretch a bit after each exercise, this relax your muscle . And I know, you will not like to walk around tight your whole day.SO STRETCH A BIT.

    •  W: This plays an essential role in our life. WATER, yes we need to take a proper amount of water everyday. Intake atleast 8 glass of water.

      This not only hydrates our skin but also smoothen the mechanism of our body.

      Believe it or not, water can decrease our regular life stress a lot. It also radiates your skin and automatically you look awesome.

      • S: Now comes the “S” , last but not the least. “S” is the one and only Sleep. This is another essential part of life. 

      You must have 6 to 8 hours sound sleep a day. This relax your body. Helps to regain your energy. This also revitalize your skin.

      Now all, it’s time to grab your yoga mat and do some exercise. Don’t forget the stretching part.

      Remember you are one who brings a change and change is not easy, you should earn it.

      Eat clean, drink water … Do not treat your body as a trash can. 

      Sleep Well.

      Let me whisper a true fact, I decrease from 81kgs to 50kgs.



      Drapetomania – I have often found this word to be used often for the slave especially in the story of the black slave. The slave who are at their utmost urge to fled away. 

      But this is not only valid for slave. Sometimes we face the worst climate of life, full of thunderstruck which are hitting straight into us, at that point we are having an utmost urge to run away. But you know, I don’t think this is a mania(Mental Illness). I think it’s only the urge of happiness.      Now, who don’t want to be happy. It’s just the acute desire of hope from our heart.

      I too faced it. I too had the urge of happiness, urge of run away from the worst case of my life. I never thought I am undergoing drapetomania and yes I was never in mania. 

      But at that point, I found a solution gave me happiness. I did my hobby, my passion a lot- painting, though I was often criticized regarding the sad feeling evolved in my paintings.

      Previously it was thought, treatment of drapetomania is torture. How can a torture (whipping) be a treatment, GOSH!!

      The drapetomania is good though it can’t be a “mania”, but when someone don’t have an urge of getting rid of negative times how can one enter the time of happiness!!!

      When there is no reason left to stay behind, one should run away.

      FEAR – Do I???

      Fear is a term which we all fear to say that “I fear”. Why do we feel so awkward to spit out our fear. We all fear, fear in either way. Fear is the most powerful and primitive state of mind. It alert us the state of danger.SIMPLE….

      When we face the danger, the adrenaline in our body reacts and we fear. There is nothing to be ashamed of being in the state of fear.

      We all have hesitation to take a new steps, there is a small fear hidden in our heart. I to do. I do, yes and I don’t feel shame of saying it out. Rather you know when we share our fear feelings with other we get courage to face it. I mean to say, obviously share with dear one.

      Fear can be overcome, sometimes just by counselling ourself in front of mirror or sometimes we need help. But don’t be ashamed to say it. 

      Sharing of fears, makes our life easy.

      DARE TO FACE YOUR FEAR.  Do you want to die with your fear inside, no, right!! We should be proud that atleast we have face or tried to face our fear.


      Camouflage is a game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we want to conceal.

      CAMOUFLAGE” this is a beautiful word and very hard to perform. But anyhow I really adore it though I am the worst performer.

      Animals are the best at it. Take case of chameleon and viper in dessert. They will disguise in such a way that you will never know them. And guys….Please please , don’t even dare with viper.

      But why animals, take the case of soldier. They are best at it. They do it only to protect us but remember they take a huge risk. HATS OFF TO ALL SOLDIERS.

      But now a days body art is the big game. And it is bidding the market cruelly.πŸ˜‰ By paint, one can disguise them to wall, surrounding and even in food. Well, well I am mesmerized now. I love to paint but the one who body paint is really talented man. Have a check on the pic above, isn’t it amazing.

      But there are also few faces who wants to harm you, simply hide their faces in crowd – are they also good in camouflage. What would you like to call them???

      Camouflage is a game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we want to conceal. 

      Words – ABUSIVE???

      The scars from mental cruelty can be as deep and long-lasting as wounds from punches or slaps but are often not as

      ABUSE! It’s a strong term huh! Strong but that really hearts. I don’t wanna talk about the abuse that leaves visual marks but let’s speak out loud for that which don’t leaves a visual marks but can slowly turn your death on.

      Yes words. My, my …Words can be really harsh sometimes that it hit right in our heart and make it bleeds. Does these harsh words are always loud??NO..Some people knows how to sugar coat the harsh words and throw it to you. You know by this you can’t blame them obviously but they succeed in bleeding you. Really abusive.

      But if these words hurts us continuously, it brings a slow death to us. Most of the time, I found, words became the main cause of a person health condition. Or sometimes forcing their mental peace to end and help their lives to hang to death.

      But you know what, let’s be possessive over yourself. Love yourself the most. Overall be positive. No No, not the B+ blood group(just kiddingπŸ˜‹).

       I know you must be thinking that hearing all those hurting and abusive words how can one be positive. But trust me, you are much more strong than those words. May be always you will not be able to bounce back on those words but no worries. If you are hurt so much, just cry out loud. You know water always help.😊

      Listen to music, i mean loud music…This regain your mood.

      And atlast always remember “EVERY DOG HAS IT’S DAY!”πŸ˜‰

      But also we should keep in mind- to think a lot before spitting out a word as once it’s out, we can never get it back or fix it.

      Can’t we all live happily? Yes we can… just need some effort.

      Old Body and Child heart

      We all are so busy that often we forget to notice the small, small beautiful things around us.

      But today such a small conversation jolt my heart with happiness.

      Yes, I took my sweet little daughter for a day out. And at evening 6PM, we were sitting in a park. A group of old men sat on the bench beside us.

      I was playing with my kid and suddenly a sweet conversation caught my attention. 

      The conversation, rather argument was on the topic that a plane had to pass over us by 6:15PM every day but it didn’t pass till then. Other commented that it’s still not the time yet. And when it passed on 6:30PM one just jumped of the bench and declare his victory.

      It reminds me of my school days quarrelling on pety things and enjoy on our victory.

      As we grow up, we really forget to cheer up now and then but today this cheered me up and literally I was smiling.



      Bliss of game

      We often hear that people are getting addicted towards game…They don’t even give a thought to deal with nature. It’s all bad, bad, bad on gaming.

      STOP IT MAN!!!

      You know today it’s a very hard day for me. It’s really hectic and also had an argument with my lead. I got so angry that I instantly need something to refresh my mind. 

      Couldn’t think of anything other than angry bird.

      I opened the app and start playing it. Each time I hit the pig, a smile appears on the corner of my lip. After a while, I got a call again from my lead but this time I am feeling that it’s alright, sometimes shit happens.

      Basically, I got relaxed by playing that game. My mind got diverted which decrease the stress level of today.

      I went up and had a great conversation with my lead.

      Yeah! I know playing whole day game on phone or on anything you like, is really damaging us. 

      But who know, that a little bit of game could take us away from the stress world and make us feel better.

      Two sides always resides for each coin, so it’s you to decide which side you want to choose.