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We all love to live fit and beautiful. It's now time to kick out all the negative thoughts around and give a new start. Have faith in you as you are the only key to your success

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Blush on fitness

We all blush sometimes, someday in our life...may be this blush is for lovable moment or any awkward one...But evee you blused for your fitness . Let's find out.


Oshibana, is a beautiful term...and on viewing it, it just provoked me more to know about it and it made my day and will make your too....So come on let's have a look


Photography is an art, the truth, the captivation of the moments, memories. It too hass a history, it bear spme details... let's find out

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is within us ...just we need to find and have strength in all situation. She is the wonderfully created ...wanna know more...

Civil War

Civil war, a fight among ourselves. But do we exactly know, the facts behind it....may be or may be not . So why don't we have a look over it...may be it can reduce some of it


Holi, a festive of colours, love, joy, get-together, gossip, fun and lots more..... stories are hiding behind it.Dig and find out more

Dim Batterson

Dim Batterson is a name related with UB Football history and has given his full for hia profession. This is the man who nevee believed ib profecy

Auburn Prison

Let's have a look on the side where discipline is the strict part of life. Auburn Prison is one of them and the prison that made profit from prisoners hard to know more

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