Bliss of game

We often hear that people are getting addicted towards game…They don’t even give a thought to deal with nature. It’s all bad, bad, bad on gaming.


You know today it’s a very hard day for me. It’s really hectic and also had an argument with my lead. I got so angry that I instantly need something to refresh my mind. 

Couldn’t think of anything other than angry bird.

I opened the app and start playing it. Each time I hit the pig, a smile appears on the corner of my lip. After a while, I got a call again from my lead but this time I am feeling that it’s alright, sometimes shit happens.

Basically, I got relaxed by playing that game. My mind got diverted which decrease the stress level of today.

I went up and had a great conversation with my lead.

Yeah! I know playing whole day game on phone or on anything you like, is really damaging us. 

But who know, that a little bit of game could take us away from the stress world and make us feel better.

Two sides always resides for each coin, so it’s you to decide which side you want to choose.

2 thoughts on “Bliss of game

    1. Hey thank you for your comment . I do agree with you but still the pressure of work is there and also sometimes hot talk…That are enough in my thought to give someone stress and that time a bit of game relaxed mind. ☺


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