FEAR – Do I???

Fear is a term which we all fear to say that “I fear”. Why do we feel so awkward to spit out our fear. We all fear, fear in either way. Fear is the most powerful and primitive state of mind. It alert us the state of danger.SIMPLE….

When we face the danger, the adrenaline in our body reacts and we fear. There is nothing to be ashamed of being in the state of fear.

We all have hesitation to take a new steps, there is a small fear hidden in our heart. I to do. I do, yes and I don’t feel shame of saying it out. Rather you know when we share our fear feelings with other we get courage to face it. I mean to say, obviously share with dear one.

Fear can be overcome, sometimes just by counselling ourself in front of mirror or sometimes we need help. But don’t be ashamed to say it. 

Sharing of fears, makes our life easy.

DARE TO FACE YOUR FEAR.  Do you want to die with your fear inside, no, right!! We should be proud that atleast we have face or tried to face our fear.

5 thoughts on “FEAR – Do I???

    1. Hey first of all nice to hear from you
      I don’t know what your fear is but a small suggestion think of the funny and lovely moment of your life while facing your fear and try to calm your brain. It’s the brain that playing trick with your fear….So calm it down with some funny moments


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