Drapetomania – I have often found this word to be used often for the slave especially in the story of the black slave. The slave who are at their utmost urge to fled away. 

But this is not only valid for slave. Sometimes we face the worst climate of life, full of thunderstruck which are hitting straight into us, at that point we are having an utmost urge to run away. But you know, I don’t think this is a mania(Mental Illness). I think it’s only the urge of happiness.      Now, who don’t want to be happy. It’s just the acute desire of hope from our heart.

I too faced it. I too had the urge of happiness, urge of run away from the worst case of my life. I never thought I am undergoing drapetomania and yes I was never in mania. 

But at that point, I found a solution gave me happiness. I did my hobby, my passion a lot- painting, though I was often criticized regarding the sad feeling evolved in my paintings.

Previously it was thought, treatment of drapetomania is torture. How can a torture (whipping) be a treatment, GOSH!!

The drapetomania is good though it can’t be a “mania”, but when someone don’t have an urge of getting rid of negative times how can one enter the time of happiness!!!

When there is no reason left to stay behind, one should run away.

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