Dengue Fever

Hi all, I know I didn’t showed up for few days. It must be upsetting but I am going through a tough time. One of my close person is suffering from dengue.

I have never thought a mosquito can bring so much of hazard in my life. For this little one, my close one is almost about to die. But we can relax that he is out of danger now for heaven sake.

We should always be aware of these things, the symptoms of any disease. You know this will help us to have the treatment fast and one can be rescued easily.

Once you find of 

  • having high fever with shakiness insides yourself, I mean trembling literally
  • Having nausea 
  • Paint in joints especially lower part of body.

Give a thought of having dengue. 

Don’t dare to waste time. Have the blood test of NS1 Antigen test. If that comes negative then no worries, it’s just a viral fever but if positive – go for further test and a regular platelets test.

Let me share a small overview of NS1 Antigen Test. Look, this is the test of presence of dengue infection.

 NS1 is present in the serum of infected persons directly at the onset of clinical symptoms in primary dengue infection and produces a strong humoral response.

I was totally novice about this NS1 test but you should know it. After detection of this test as positive, one should drink lots and lots of water, IVF(Intra Veinal Fluid) saline.

Once the platelets count starts to decrease, it will decrease in every moment drastically and the need to blood is required. 

So, please, please don’t be late in treatment at first, DO NOT DELAY.

NOTE : If also you will have many donors of same blood group, the platelets may or may not be granted. So acquire as much as donor. The blood from donor(“fresh blood” in doctor term) works faster.

I hope this will help you a lot. For any further queries do not hesitate to reach out.

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