Hue, tints, tones and shaded

Hue, tones, tints and shades – these are the basic things in the world of painting and you know one should have a clear knowledge about these. After all these are basic man, be clear for this.
Often people get confused on these four terms. People don’t know the exact difference between these 4 WORDS. I am really passionate about painting and whenever I get some free time, I just fill up my space by painting. So has an idea to discuss on this basic part, trust me this will really help you out.

Hue– This refers to the basic colour in the colour wheel.This is just a colour. There are primary colours – red, blue, yellow , secondary – these comes up by mix and match with primary ones and form colours such as orange, green, violet and the tertiary comes up mixing up with primary and secondary like you can say mixing up with orange and red. Hue are the pure spectrum of colour.

Tint– These come up when white is mixed up with hue. What I mean to say that this basically lighten and desaturate the hue. It make the hue less intense. The amount of white depends on us, how we want to use on our art.

Tone– Now, this is bit complex. No worries, I will give you an idea of it. This is actually made by mixing up of black and white both, with hue. The amount of black or white depends and depending on this black and white amount the hue either become dark or light which either intense or lighten up the hue. You can also say this black and white mixture as the shades of grey which is mixed up with hue.

Shade– This forms with the mixture of black and hue. It basically darken the hue and surely make it more intense. This mixing of black with hue gives the hue a total different look. The mixing amount of black depends on the person who will use it. This is the dark part of hue.

Let’s have a small recap by looking down on the picture, this will give quick overview of the 4 WORDS – hue, tint, tone and shade and a basic of art.

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