Hey, hi everyone. It’s New Year. An another whole new year to have fun, enjoy, fulfill our desires, get love, give love and all and all and all.

But you know the funny thing about me that strike first is that I will grow up by one more year.😁

One more year, that reminds me of more responsibility. When I was kid, we used to write the new year resolution. Our teacher said once that our resolution should also include the responsibility we are going to take. Now this responsibility, is not only for others, it must and foremost contain the responsibility you should take for yourself. You know, it can be anything like looking gorgeous, be fit, reduce body pounds, be happy, take care of anyone that gives you pleasure…anything, anything that basically bring that smile to you. And that’s very important. Keep in mind, you will only be able to take a good care of the responsibility for others, only when, you, take a good care of yourself.

So, grab a notebook…List out, all your resolutions and make it strong and have faith in yourself.

Now, most of the time, we do the listing out of resolutions but after few days we become lazy and can’t find the resolution chapter- it get all lost and lost. Don’t do that, be strong, determined and bring the change. I know may be all will not be fulfilled but atleast we can give a hard try, you know.

Now change, doesn’t comes that easy, you need to earn it. But once you complete your resolution, trust me you will be the happiest person. You know change is good but never forget your past as past is the one, which will help you the most to complete your resolutions and bring a change in a good way.

So guys, you wanna change? Aha! I know you do. What are your resolutions. Feel free to comment. May be, we both have the common resolution and it would be great to complete together. 

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