Shape, Form and Line

We have already discussed about colour and value which are among the basic elements in art. And, here comes the another 3 basic elements of art – Shape, Form and Line.

Shape : It is a 2-dimensional enclosed area. Now this shape can be geometrical or organic.

What is geometrical and organic mean huh! No worries, I am here to let you know about them. 

  • Geometrical is the shape such triangle, square, rectangle etc. . These have the clear edges, one must achieve it by using tool. Most of the geometrical shape are man made though crystal is also considered in this which is naturally made.
  • Organic, this shape comes with natural look having a flowing and curving appearance. These are typically irregular or asymmetrical.These are related with the natural world such as plant or animal.

Form : The form of an artwork is the shape of that artwork with it’s volume or perceived volume such a three dimensional artwork has the depth as well as width and height. This three dimensional is the basic for a sculpture. However, two dimensional artwork can also acquire volume by the illusion of shading or modelling technique. Formalism is the study of artworks by their shape and form, we will come on this later , I Promise.

Line: This is the distance between two points or you can say as a path of a moving point. This can be straight or a curve one. This line has its width, length and direction. The width of the line sometimes known as “thickness”. You can also refer a line as stroke.

So everyone, got the idea of these 3 basic elements of art and I know for sure, this gonna help you a lot. 

Now, comment me do you like it or on what you are struggling with or an idea is required on which topic.

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