Space and Texture

Hi everyone, how your favorite sunday went, hope spend beautifully. Today is again a new Monday and am gonna talk about other 2 basic elements of art. Do you know, what are they! 😰 Ummm, let’s guess … space and texture – yes, they are.😊. These two plays a very important part in our artwork. And I am going to light these two a more which will help you further.

Space: This is the background, foreground and the middle ground of the piece of art. It refers the distance or areas around, between or within thing. This space is of two types : – Positive and Negative space. Now what are these two? Is the positive space good and negative bad? No no no, nothing as such 😁. Let me explain what are they. 

  • Positive Space: It is the space that is occupied by the object and/or form in the picture such as an apple itself occupies the space in an image
  • Negative Space: This is the space between and around the subject of an image. For example- it is the space between the cup and cup handle or the space between the flower and the petal etc. This space is use by the artist to transform a simple object to real one.

With the unique combination of positive and negative space, an artist create an incredible art piece. This is the basic but often overlooked. This gives the eye a “place of rest” due to which the appeal of composition increased through single means.

Texture: This is the perceived surface quality of an art of work. The two dimensional or three dimensional is distinguished by this perceived visual and the physical properties.Do you know that there are three types of texture- physical,visual and hypertexture.

  • Physical Texture: This is the varieties of patterns on solid surface.This can be felt by touching the surface of the texture.Specific use of this texture can affects the smoothness of an artwork. Light plays a major role in this as it can affect how the surface is viewed.
  • Virtual Texture: This is the illusion of having physical texture. Every material or every suport surface has its own virtual texture and you know, this needs to be taken into consideration before creating any composition.
  • Hypertexture: This can be defined as realistic stimulated surface texture produced by adding some distortion over the surface such as the view often created by artist on cake.

This texture is nothing but the repeatation of line and shapes over a surface.

Now, there goes the end of the basic elements of art and trust me knowledge on these will help you on your artistic skill a lot.

Worrying about other troubles, no worries I will clear them slowly step by step. 

You can also say me about your doubts and worries and I will surely try to sort them out.

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