Light and Shadow

We always deal with the fact that OMG! This painting looks so real …Ummm but why mine is not😔 and we become sad. But do you know, if we do a small study on light and shadow for our art piece, it can turn our art piece into a real one ..Which means a 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional art piece and I’m gonna give you some tips on it, so cheer up 😁.

Now let me take a easy light source and the main source, that is our sunlight☀. When this light fall on any thing, it gives a shadow. This shadow’s length increases more, the more the sunlight is away from the object. Also remember, the shadow starts to become blurry as it’s length starts to increase.

Let me give you a more details of this light and shadow which will help in your art work more and more.

There are some term, just take a bit care of them..Ok! It’s gonna bring life on your art piece.

So here we go:

  • Cast Shadow: It’s just the part that is created may be on ground or on anywhere by the object obstructing the sun light. It may or may not have the shape of obstacle or the object.
  • Accent: This is same as our pronunciation. This is the bottom line shadow of the object which provides more weight on the artwork same as on our pronunciation. You will get a hint from below image.

  • Highlight: The light gets reflected on the object and a small part of the object seems to glow and that’s nothing but the Highlight part.
  • Light: Where the reflected light on object starts to fades away which means the faded light and the start of shadow formation on object is none other Light.
  • Half Tone or Mid Tone: This is the part where the shadow cast on the object and it is the part just below the light. Now what you should do is that give a shade just below the light which will become the Halftone or the Midtone. It’s easy huh😉
  • Shadow Core and Shadow: The dark band gets created where light can no longer reach and that’s come to be known as Shadow Core. The place where the light and shadow meets and give a light shade is the Shadow
  • Reflected Light: The light which get bounce back from the object is the Reflected Light. This is the part near to the shadow part of the object.

Now, a simple drawing will give you idea on these all parts, I described above

NOTE: In your art piece, remember to blend all the above discussed part properly with one other. These parts should not look like that they all are the separated parts.Keep in mind these all forms on a single object.

I hope this will help you all a lot and don’t worry try to create your own ball with all these part included and let me know.

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