Art on Words

Hey everyone, today I thought to portay a simple art piece through my words. It’s going to be challenging and fun. Let’s try it.

So…. I am going to provide simple lesson how to make a 3d realistic art piece. I am trying to make a rail track and make it real on a paper. I took railway track as you know, rail track used to be my favorite in my childhood, I always wish to walk beside the railway track whole day.

Now let’s find out whether I can portay railway track step by step on my words.

  • First draw simple two straight lines (you can take the help of scale) but keep in mind that the lines should be more inclined to each other as they go far away from you. I know the rail lines are pararell but visually appears to our brain that they meet at far end.
Have a look to the below image, you will get a clear idea:

  • Now, let’s give some fatty part to these two lines, it’s way too skinny and I don’t want my train to fall down…you know 😉 These lines must have more width as they are near to you but the width decreases gradually as they moves away from you. Though in real life these lines are having same width but that is how our brain plays the game. It shows narrow as they moves away and depict the picture that at far end it became a single line.

  • It’s time to add some track on these lines so that our train can run smoothly. The far the tracks go, it seem that only single lines are attached with rail lines and also the gap between the tracks seems to decrease continuously to the farthest. So what I do, at a fixed point I draw tracks with proper length and breadth and after that I just take a 6B pencil and draw lines that has some weight and gradually decreased the gap between then.
Have a look below:

  • Now let’s add some shade to the track to give some more weight. Remember…Shades and light game can make a normal one, extraordinary. So here it is

I know, I know … It’s not looking that good huh!😰 But can you please wait till the ultimate shading part is done.

OK, let’s check

Now it is looking nice!! Yes there must be shade at the inner part of the two rails – keep in mind, as the sun shines, the shades form at each and every edge and corner with the perfect proportion to potray a 3D look to our brain and that’s what we also have to do in our art work.

Think about the focus of the sunlight with your vision thoroughly and start your shading, it can be bit hard at the first time but practice makes perfect.

So…. I did an experiment with art and word, now it’s your time to let me know do you like it, does it help you, did you made any of your own….Write write all of these in the comment.
I am waiting…..

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