Visual Perception

Hi everyone!! How is your day going on? I hope everything is fine.

I have been discussing on art from a bit of time and do you know that Visual Perception plays an important role in art. Now, not only in art, this actually has a great impact on our everyday day life.

Oooo Now, what is this Visual Perception. Let’s have a quick view on it..Ok😊

Visual Perception, long word huh! But this is the ability by which we interpret the surrounding with the help of the light source. The light source emits the light which gets reflected on the object and enter in our eye which creates the image of the object. In simple term, it’s none other than eye sight.

How this image and all gets created? Let’s find out

Our eye is an optical image formation device. The light rays gets reflected from the object and it propagate in all directions. But, only a small proportionof rays get focused in our eye.

Let’s take the instance of the two major light rays that gets reflected from the above and the lower part of the object. These rays gets reflected and first, they hit the eye surface which is known as cornea. When the passes through the cornea, they change their directions. The ray that gets reflected from the upper part of the object goes downward and the ray that gets reflected from the lower part of the object moves upward. Due to this, an inverted image gets created in our eye, which is an upside down image. The surface of the eye on which, this inverted image gets created is known as retina of our eye.

Hey!!! What’s this !!! But we see the image properly …😱

Yes, we don’t see the image upside down or inverted as our brain, plays a great role in it. The brain again invert the image and the picture of the real object gets created in ourselves.

Thus we see the object as it is.

Now a small and simple diagram will clear it more:

It seems that we see everything and it’s really easy, isn’t it. Have you ever thought that a very interesting process goes through everytime we see an object!!!

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