Who am I? Why I am here for?

I have been blogging for a little time from now. It have many random topics but today I thought of introducing myself. So you get to know me more and enjoy my words.

Who Am I ?

I am a girl, a lady, a daughter, a mother, an artist, a dancer, a writer, a friend, a software developer and last but not the least…..a strong women.

Yes, I am in all these. Now, you will be thinking really … is that true!😱 But yeah….. this all are true.

Painting is my passion, whenever I feel low, this art made me happy always. It never ever, ever left my side. I paint paint paint whole day until the time, I am satisfied. Yes, I know whole day with my passion only can be little bit irresponsible type but it’s ok…a day or night for you and only for you is a good one. And do you know I drew all my life’s best painting when I am sad, it’s psychology case you know.

Listening to music and dancing on every bit of it, is really a good exercise and I love to swing my body with every beat of it. But yes, I am no professional one. Who don’t dance with beat…It can be anything, even marching with the beat is a dance, you know some kinda robotic one. And I love it …I know you do too..

After all this …. I am also a responsible lady. I love my family, my daughter. I live to take care of them. But you know to take care of your near and dear one, you yourself have to be fit and healthy. So I do a lot of exercise and eat healthy and you also do it. Also, I am a professional software developer… so loads of responsibility again but with lots of stress, hard work at the end of the day I really feel great of me, who wouldn’t!!!!

Yes, we have to face many hardels, negative talk, leg pulling, ditching, lie and we all face it in each and every steps of our life in this or that means and bearing them and protecting ourselves and our dear ones from them, automatically makes ourselves strong and in the same way I became a strong lady. Just be patient, don’t overreact on anyone’s comment…Remember time is waiting for them too. You know, patience is the most important thing which makes you strong …. I know it’s quite hard but try it and you will be done. Trust me …. When I am impatient, all goes wrong but patience made me feel great gradually.

Inspite of all this …

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.
-Charlotte Bronte

Why I Am Here ?

Now, this is a nice question. You know while walking through my life, I went through lots of ups and down. The down parts taught me some great lessons. They help me to build my backbone strong and erect. Made me an independent women.

Faced many abuse, many worst scenarios…and every time taught me how to face each situation. How to be calm and let your brain play the game instead of heart and save yourself from danger.

So why not let share the knowledge with all…They may help you too.

Why not let world have information about my passion…You know some hidden information or some very very important information which will help you in this field. Why not let world know about software on which the world is running.

Why not share the information I face everyday, share the information on motherhood.

Let world know how a girl turn herself from 81kg to 50kg and got a perfect body.

Let world know nothing is impossible as the impossible word itself is saying I’M POSSIBLE.

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