Why I changed my title and tag?

I changed my site title and tag today. Now all will think…. are you confused with your title and tag or you are just playing around ???? On any change there comes a lots of questions ..Right?

Let me share with you a story, may be most of us knows about it but let’s have a story time—-

Once upon a time, there live a little girl in Greenwich Village . She was suffering from severe illness. She remain in her bed for whole day in her bed. She could see, an ivy plant through the window gradually losing its leaves. She took it in her head that she will die when the last leaf falls.

But, it never does fall, and she survives.

In reality, the vine lost all its leaves. What she thought she saw was a leaf, painted on the wall with perfect realism, by an old artist.

The last leaf drawn by the old artist is the belief that the little girl have within her. And that belief help her fight with the severe illness and gave her a new life.

It’s the hope she kept with her belief silently in her heart – “Please don’t fall”

Remembered the story of Pandora box. Pandora opened the box out of curiosity and all the negative things came out and swril around the world. But, there was also one more that came out last and that’s none other than HOPE.When there is hope, there is belief and the world survive inspite of all the negative things the came out from the box.

So, we must keep our belief intact, no matter what happens, no matter what world say, no matter in what state we are. We must always believe in the last leaf , that will never ever fall.

That last leaf is none other than we.. ourselves. Once we believe ourself, we can overcome any struggle, can win any steps, can achieve any goals.

So, now it comes why I changed? Change for belief, change for faith, change for hope.

Change for good thing is good .. Isn’t it.

It’s unique, it depict me more through my words.

This change is also for you. For all of you, who believes in yourself.. for all you hopes…for all who lives

Though, I don’t think my previous one is bad rather it was good too. So, I kinda kept the old one and change a bit . You should never forget the old as the old is the one who says you for a good change.

That’s where the change come.

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