When this word Conjure strikes our ear, the first and foremost comes in our mind is the famous Americal Supernatural horror films directed by James Wan and written by Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes.

This story was depicted on the reportedly real life story of The Amityville Horror. These films comes in series. The first part came out on 2013, second on 2016.

What should I say about the two awesome stars who brought the life to the cinema of dead. Yes, I am speaking about the two fabulous star – Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson

I personally think that acting of the charecter of pshycic especially when you are not that and also when you have never experienced it, is some kind of very challenging. And I do really appreciate these two actors on their performance.

All are fav but do you know what is the origin of this small word – Conjure

Let’s have a look:


Now we got to know that this word is actually a latin word origin.

Conjure up, only joining a “up” gives a different meaning. It gives a beautiful meaning…it means – bring to mind, recall, evoke, recreate .

Reaching 50, I’ve started to conjure up thoughts of my own mortality.

John Elway

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