Batman is one of our favourite comic charecter. We love Batman stories. The hero is all time favourite.

This hero has his own suit and we are going to discuss on his suit.

Batsuit is the suit which Batman wear. This suit has been depicted on various ways and these stories has described Batman that he modified the details of his suit from time to time.

This suit comes in a grey body suit and on the chest has a stylish black bat.It has a wide scalloped cape, gloves with fin like projection. It has boot and a half covered face with bat ear projection. And, the most modernized part is that it has a belt, you can call it as utility belt which contains all the variety of useful gadgets.

This suit is made to conceal the identity and also frightening the criminals.

Most versions of the Batsuit incorporates some kinda of body armor, powered exoskeleton, “wingsuit”-cape, night-vision, gas filters etc, etc. Which can be said that it has all the aids for protection or effectiveness. It is really a super improvised techy one.

This suit was first published on DC comics and the art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair.


Bruce Wayne, I mean Batman saw a bat and a reflection of idea came to him that criminals are superstitious and are coward, so he adopt the personna of bat to disguise himself and strike fear in the criminal. But the later version of story says that Bruce was afraid of bat in childhood and he was inspired by the bat costume worn by his father in the costume party.

By any means, this suit was made over the study of how to be a more effective crime fighter.

The original suit was a lot different from the Batman we know today. When Bob Ken (original sketcher) showed his first sketch of Batman, Bill Finger(writer of first Batman stories) thought that it look more like superman and does the major changes are made.

Bill asked to copy the ear of bat. He also did not like the wings instead he asked to build the cape and scallop the edges so when Batman run, it would flow out to give a picture of bat. He also suggested the body colour to be grey instead of red ans a pair of gloves in colour of purple but later it was changed to blue.

The cape changes with different artist , sometimes it also looks like wing but at the end it always had razor-sharp blades which Batman used to slice through several corrupt government officials.

The cowl is mainly to conceals Batman’s features and to impose the appearance. In comic book depictions, the eyeballs are not visible through the cowl.

Batman wears gloves which covers the most of his forearm. It was purple previously but later on changed the colour.

Batman hide few pieces of his arsenal in his leather boots, such as a blow gun (its length made it impossible to fit in Batman’s belt compartment) with fast-acting anesthetic darts and an ultrasonic device built into his left heel.

The Batsuit has been repeatedly updated the armor in order to reflect advances in technology. Originally, the costume contained no protective armor. It was a simple spandex jumpsuit.

Batman‘s utility belt is his most characteristic prop, much like Wonder Woman‘s Lasso of Truth, or Green Lantern‘s ring. The exact contents of this belt are unknown as Batman usually changes suit on his needs. His uncanny ability to carry unusually appropriate tools is legendary.

That’s all I got. It’s a depiction of the beautiful , powerful Costume of our favourite hero – BATMAN.

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