Dim Batterson

We all have passion and sports comes in it almost all ways. Some are fan of Hockey, some of cricket, some of football and so on. But today, how about some football….!!!

On saying of football, the name – Dim Batterson can never be forgotten.

So, who is he??? He was an American football coach of high school, college and professional teams. This man bear the ability to out players of all American ability and knack of moulding Harvard Cup championship eleven at Masten Park high school in Buffalo. This legend was born on October 3 1881 in Buffalo, New York and spent his all 54 years in this place.
New York earned him the distinction of being one of the most astute scholastic coach in western New York state history.

Batterson starts his playing as fullback for Oakdales. At that point of time, he was considered as the best backfield man in the outstate New York. Besides Oakdales, he played with the Elmwoods, Manhattan Athletic club, Erie Athletic club, and the Pittsburgh, Detroit and Toledo. In the year of 1905, he played for the Buffalo All Stars, which later evolved as Buffalo All Americans Ranger Byson. Well played, Sir…..
Batterson started his coaching career at the high school level. He won four Buffalo City High School Championships (called Harvard Cups) while coaching at Masten Park High School including three consecutive in 1918, 1919 and 1920.

Buffalo Football Team

Now, speaking for him about the situation, Coach Batterson was not inclined to prophecy. He knows nothing of his prospects other than those who permits him to lend his own best efforts.

I’m going to give the job everything that’s in me and I don’t think I overlook the fact it’s a mighty big proposition” he said

Dim certainly deserves a whole lot of credit for the way he worked with the squad and the boys enjoyed every minute of the time while under his supervision.

A game under the coach – Batterson
Batterson left the high school ranks in 1922 to become the football coach at the University at Buffalo.Batterson then coached with the Buffalo Bisons and Rangers of the early National Football League.He was named the team’s head coach at the start of the 1927 NFL season and was the first head coach in the team’s history not to be a player-coach.Unfortunately, the year 1927 turned out to be a disaster. Financial woes plagued the team from the start. The team lost 5 consecutive starts, bowing to Pottsville, 22 to 0; Providence, 5 to 0; New York Yankees, 19 to 8 and Frankford Yellowjackets twice, 54 to 0 and 23 to 0. After the 5th defeat, Batterson resigned and the team disbanded. Batterson never coached in the NFL again leaving his career coaching record at 0 won, five lost (0–5).

After retiring, he joined in the real estate business of Buffalo suburb of Tonawanda, New York.

Sadly this legend left on the 5th December of 1935 due to complications from a hernia surgery.

In the year 2002, he was elected in Havard Cup Hall of Fame.

Physically, temperamentally and by experience, Batterson is believed to have the ability to cope successfully with the task before him. He is one of the aggressive type of leader, and one who can meet reversals , reap some measure of benefit by experiencing them, and pursue his objective. He has been adept at taking green material and developing capable talent.

This man rule the period with his nick name – Dim.

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