Secret Rules of Beauty- Simple Daily Habits

Beauty is not a small world, it’s a huge one. And we all try to find ourself in this huge world and we love to do that. We do a lots of search search and search in internet to find the hacks which would helps us maintain our beauty or rather, say our inner glow. But among this many points we often go wrong. Often we end with a disappointment.

But nothing to be disappointed…let’s get to know about that. So no more talking, talking, talking….. let’s come to the point.

But lemme say you something that this again as this covers a huge part. I am going to divide it in many posts and hope that would help you all to gather all slowly and get into it.

      • Drops of water :

        Water plays a most important part in this. Start your day water, this helps you in clearing you stomach and keep yourself clean from inside. The more you drink the water, the more your skin will remain hydrate through out the day. This protect your skin from getting sunburn(not the tan) . Water allows you to get rid of the many skin diseases such as pimple, abscess infection is caused when your skin is dehydrated. With an adequate amount of water, wrinkles can be prevented. If your skin becomes dry and form wrinkles it means that you are drinking less water. Drink more water to keep your skin healthy and soft. Once you wake up in the morning you should drink at least 2 glasses of water daily because you have been dehydrated whole night so must drink 2 glasses of water. Drinking 2 to 3 sips of water every 25 minutes regularly can help to wash away acid from the stomach and help you a lot. Water will help to keep your digestive tract clean and also prevent in gastric, once your digestive system works properly, a glowing will appear.

        Once again, water is essential to maintain the optimum skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to the skin cells. It replenishes the skin tissue and increases its elasticity. This helps delay the appearance of signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.


      • Morning Face Care:

        Wash or not to wash, Awww this conflicts prevails in the whole internet world and it obviously will confuse you and the same thing happened for me. But after waking up if you don’t clean up your deep night moisturizer and we expose ourself to this polluted environment, the dirt and other polluted particles can catch your skin and thus the cause to pimples and acne.

        So depending on skin choose a right face-wash but I will suggest to choose a mild face-wash. Personally, I don’t suggest for scrubbing your face at early morning as at time our muscles don’t get active so much. So I prefer to go with a gentle one and then tone up your skin(Look for an alcohol free).Just dab some on a cotton pad, swipe your face and neck and let it air dry. Now comes the moisturizing part, please keep the deep moisturizer for night and use a light weight moisturizer with day formula, you can go which contain spf.


      • Sunscreen:

        Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher, is water resistant, and provides broad-spectrum coverage, which means it protects you from UVA and UVB rays.

        It takes approximately 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the sunscreen and protect you. So,wait for 15 min applying it before moving out.If you are in the sun to apply sunscreen, your skin is unprotected and can burn.
        Rub the sunscreen thoroughly into your skin.Remember your neck, face, ears, tops of your feet and legs. For hard‐to‐reach areas like your back, ask someone to help you or use a spray sunscreen. To protect your lips, apply a lip balm with a SPF of at least 15.

        People who get sunburned usually didn’t use enough sunscreen, didn’t reapply it after being in the sun, or used an expired product. Your skin is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays every time you go outside, even on cloudy days and in the winter. So whether you are on vacation or taking a brisk fall walk in your neighborhood, remember to use sunscreen.


      • Way Back Home:

        You know, everyone need to end the day on a fresh note. Start your night care routine by using a quality makeup remover to gently erase the makeup from your face.
        Although you cleaned your face by removing your makeup, a good cleanse doesn’t end there. Wash your face with a combination of warm water and a cleanser. (Rinse it off thoroughly).
        Although exfoliation can work wonders on your skin, this step is only to be carried out twice or thrice a week. In order to have fresh, supple skin, you need to clear off the dead cells on the surface. Concentrate on the pores on your cheeks and on scrubbing off the blackheads on your nose. Blackheads and pores on your nose and cheeks can be persistent, but overusing your exfoliator is not at all a good idea.
        Follow the exfoliation with an alcohol based toner to restore the PH balance of your skin. Just moisten the cotton ball and pat it gently over your face and neck.
        After you’ve cleansed your face, moisturizing it is essential. When you wash your face, essential oils get washed away along with any dirt or makeup. To replenish and nourish your skin, deep moisturizer is essential. (Choose a water based moisturizer if you have oily skin.)
        Take a little extra time out and moisturize your elbows, heels, knees, hands and feet – these parts are especially dry at night.


So, now it’s your time to replay these secrets in your daily life and get gorgeous. Remember, each move will elevate you and your skin daily.

And never lose your smile. Remember the famous quote:

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

——————————————————John Ray


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