Belly Pouch Flattener

If you go through the statistics, you can find that almost many of us is struggling with our body weight. And this slimming institute are running well but still we struggle of weight loss part. Most of this slimming program cost a lot and that’s another problem.

And also if we manage to loss our weight, we often get stuck with the belly pouch. And, that’s the hardest part. it seems like a little bag is hanging from us. We just get a feel of kangaroo.

Used a lots of products like slimming belt, slimming tea and so on and so forth but still it’s there!!!!!!


So what to do???? Getting really frustrated!!! Waiting to wear the fav dress, the occasion is near by…. All are gonna have their look and what just I will do with this pouch. Should I duck tape it ??? Awww.. it will hurt!!!! Makeup, also making it helpless…..Tears are rolling down now…what to do????

Don’t cry dear….!!! There are ways to deal with it fast in a natural way without hurting yourself in a bad way. Trust me if the fitness guys can have the perfect abs, you also can. Just you have to bear some good pain. And keep faith in yourself – the most important part.

Yes, exercise can give you relief from your belly pouch. With no more further chitchat, let’s get in to the exercises:

  • Double Leg Lift:

    Lie down on your back. Put your hand under your head(support it) and lift up your upper part of the body(Not by head, try to lift it up by your stomach). Straighten your leg and lift it up slowly and again bring it down, you know pair low.
    Wanna make it more harder, don’t bring the leg way to up. Bring them up to 45 degree and then pair low. Repeat this step.

  • Eagle Crunch:

    The next come a bit harder one. Lie down on your back and now cross your hands and now cross your legs. Now try to touch your elbow to your knee. I know, I know it’s tough but this pain is a good one .

  • Hip Twist:

    Come to a plank on your elbows. Twist your torso. Lower side of your hip touch the mat and again come back to plank position, then twist the other side and so on. Need to keep your abdominal engaged.

  • Criss Cross :

    Lay on your back, support your backside of your head with your palms and lift up with the help of your stomach not your head . Remember not with your head, if you do that…it’s gonna hurt you bad. Now try to touch opposite shoulder to opposite knee and vice versa

  • Single Leg Jack Knife :

    Lay on your back again. Straighten your hand straight above your head. Now pull up your full body and at the same time lift up one leg and repeat the process with another side.

  • Roll Up to Roll Over :

    Lay on your back again. Straighten your hand straight above your head. Now pull up your full body straight up and lay down and pick up your both legs and try to touch the mat at the back of your head with your pointed legs.
    Now do this second part

  • Cheerleader’s abs :

    Lay on your back and keep your both hand straight at your sides, now, lift your body a little with the help your abs. Pick up your both legs above the floor slightly and now, lift your one leg high above- pointing towards the sly and hold for 45 sec and then go for the other side.

Trust me, do this 4 times a day and surely you are gonna have that sexy dreamed abs. I know it will hurt you but in a good way. And you are gonna thank me … Trust in your yourself. When you will think that you can’t do that, just say to yourself just few more and you will reach the goal.

So now don’t be upset, set the fire in you.

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