Want a Strong and Sexy Hand

We all want a sexy Abs, sexy Booty. But think about your arm. It really plays a great role in your body. A sexy strong arms gives your body a new good vibes and your personality. But we often forget about that.

Yes, I totally agree that when we starts doing exercises- for whatever body part we intend it but it starts losing fats from all over the area. So, the point is when you lose your fat from your arm too….yeah obviously it will decrease in weight but surely become a hanging muscle bridge type.


So, as promised let’s tighten it up. As the Abs part there are going to be the 7 hard arm exercises. Do it regularly and definitely, you will see the result.

Arm Circles :

Stand and bring your arm outside and bend it now. Point your palm upside, now bend it slightly and assume that you are holding a golf ball. Small circles forward for 30 sec and then same in backward direction for 30 sec and don’t let that golf ball drop. But note it keep your body steady. Don’t move your body, it’s just your hand that’s in motion.


Arm Circles 2:

Stand and bring your arm outside straight. Fold your palm as if you will punch . Now, gives circles forward for 30 sec and then same in backward direction for 30 sec .


Half Cobra Push up :

Lay down on your belly, legs long backward. Just bring your palm by your chest side. Now, push up your upper body with the support of your hands. Don’t lift up fully, lift up half and then come down. The half lift up really gives you pain in a nice way. Note again while lifting, arm should not come outside, it should lean your body.


Prayer Pulse :

Bring your arm together as if you are praying. Bring the hand at the level of your chin. Now to push your hand upward as much as you can and pull to your chin. You will see once you try to push it upward, it automatically comes down. Do this repetition for 1 min.


Elevated Push Up :

Come to a plank position, lift your butt high up with the help of your toe and hand. Now give push up. Remember the arm should point outwards when you come down.


Up Up Down Down :

Come to the plank position and low lift up with one hand and then another and again bring down one hand and then the other. Now, repeat this process for 1 min.


Oil Rigger :

Start in tabletop, hands directly below the shoulders. Now lift up one leg high up in air, pointed towards sky or if you are in, then ceiling. Now try to touch the floor by your chin or as much as you can and again go to the previous position.And for the next min, lift up the another leg.


Do this regularly and you are going to have strong, beautiful, sexy hands. And please repeat this exercises 4 times.

OHOOOOOO!!!! And down you go……………………………………


Let’s try it out and please let me know how it goes.

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