7 for Sexy Legs

Hey, as promised, the next part of exercise for lean and sexy legs. No more chirpy chirpy, let’s start our exercise. This whole routine is designed in such a way that you will be getting your thighs, your legs,squats, hamstring..every bit of your leg pain in a good way.

The moves are

  • Lunge Pulses :

Stand straight. Now step one leg ahead. You can keep your hand beside or holding your waist(no rules in there). Now, bend your knee and try to touch the ground as much as you can. Do this for 1 min for one side and then change the leg in the next round.

  • Lunge Step Back with a Front Kick :

Step back with one leg and try to touch the ground by bending your knee. Now bring forward your that foot high up to give a kick to all the negative things going around you. You can give a punch along with the kick but that’s your choice to loose more sweat. Similar here you need to do this for 1 leg for 1 min and then change the side in the next round.

  • Paw Piles Squat :

keep your both leg wide apart, feet pointed outside. Now bend down as much as you can. Let’s move it to the hardest level, lift up on your tip and give squat in that position for 1 min

  • Leg Raises :

Lay down on your side and support your head with your hand or you can just rest your head on your mat. Bring one leg high above and down again. repeat this for one side for the first 1 min and then go for the other side.

  • Single Leg Squat :

Come to a dog position. Now bring one thigh high above such that it should be horizontal with your hip and then bring it down. No worries, if you can’t bring that much…remember practice makes you perfect.
Once again, do this for one side for 1 min and then go for the other side

  • Inner Thigh Pulse :

Lay down on your side, supporting your head on your palm. Now, bring your one foot in front and try to place it at the level of your chest. Now bring high above the other leg in air and then bring it down.
Repeat this process for one side for 1 min and then go for the other.

  • Dancer Sweep :

Sit down with a straight backbone. Now bend your one leg and straighten the other. Try to swing it back and forward. Swing your arm along with the leg this will help you maintain the balance. Once your are done with the 1 min with your one side…approach for the other.

This will surely kill your legs and burn the fat and help you to have a toned sexy legs.
But remember, doing one side is no good, you should always equalize your pain and balance it on you both side of your body to get the best result.

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