Get a Well-Shaped Oblique

We all want an hour glass figure and this dream comes true with the fine obliques. It’s really become hard for us to get a good shape obliques. Ahhh!!! the fat seems to get and just wait there to turn that part flabby…right!!  But this time we are going to destroy the fat of that part. 

Let’s start it. The best six to kill that muffin top.

Ballerina Twist : Come to the plank position. Now lift one hand high above in the air, as if you are reaching the cloud and then bring it down, dig everything from right below your belly. Do this for one side for 1 minutes and then the other minute do for the other half.

Criss Cross: Lay down on your back. Now bring your both hand right under your head. Keep your arms wide apart. Lift up your legs. Bend one knee, try to touch your shoulder. Keep the other leg straight. And then come to the alternate side. Now Pick up your speed for 30 sec then slow down with 10 reps and then again pick up for the remaining minutes. Trust me this will really kill your muffin top. 

Hip Twist :  Again come to the plank position, but this time rest on your elbow. Now try to dip one side of your hip to touch the ground and then try it with the other side. Continue this for 1 min.

CandleStick Dipper : Sit straight on your knee. Now bring your hands together, high above your head, pointed towards the sky. Bring your one leg straight beside and bend on the opposite side of the stretched leg and come back on the previous position. Do this for one side for 1 min and then the other min go for the other side.

Side Plank Dip : Lay down on your side. Now lift yourself up with the help of your elbow and your legs as shown in the side image. Now, dip your hip down to touch the ground and then bring it back up. Repeat this for one side for 1 solid min and then go for the other one.

I know we all are busy and leaving a hectic schedule. But come on we can afford this 8 minute daily to get an nice hour glass figure. Remember, a better innerself start with a strong and healthy US.

Keep this point hard in your mind, that you must equalize each and every exercise both side of your body. One side is not good!!!!

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