7 Best Cardio- Part 2

The first part with a bit of lecture came up. But hey!!! That’s an important part you know. You should know what are you doing and why you should do it. Let’s just not blindly, believe in someone’s words.

But in this, no more of chitchat. We should start with our workout

High Knees : Stand Straight. Bring your hands forwards with the level of your belly. Now start your running in one place and at the same time try to touch the palm of your hand with your knee.Do this for exact 1 min.

Burpee : Jump up high with your hands high above the sky and then come down fast to the plank position and give a push up. Repeat this steps, for 1 min.

Plank Jack: Come down on your foot and palms. Don’t bring your butt high above not bring it too low the ground, come in a plank position. Then with t he effort of your hands, bring your legs wide apart and then again brig them close to one another. Again do this for 1 min.

Twisted Mountain Climber : Come again in a plank position with your palm and legs support.Bring your one knee towards your opposite chest and then bring the leg in former position. Now bring the other leg towards the other side of your chest. Speed up this steps and repeat for exact 1 min.

Tuck Jumps: Stand Straight. now jump high above and try to bring your knees high above close to your chest . Repeat this again and once again for 1 minute.

Butt Kick: Stand and start your one place running and try to kick your butt with your legs. But please don’t kick it hard that you will get a bad pain. Repeat this for 1 min.

Scissor Jack:Stand with your legs and hands wide apart . Then criss-cross your legs and hands and again bring them wide apart to the former position. Do this for another 1 min.

Do this 7 moves 4 times a day if it is the only your work out for your day but if you want to mix it with other then you can two only 2 rounds of it.
This will surely burn your calorie and lot and I am damn sure your sweat will ooze out.
This is also a great stress buster and a relief

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