Quick Burn Obliques

Often we have no time. And in this hurry, we forget to have time to keep ourselves fit. Often, we skip the time and find an excuse on time to skip our fitness routine. But now we will do a short exercise but it will burn our fat in great.
We all have 5 mins atleast a day. When we can have this 5 mins to check our twitter, facebook, youtube …we can take only 5 min a day for our fitness. These quick burn series will help you loose a lot in a short period, just remember to be regular.
Let’s get started with our obliques which we really struggle to keep in shape if also our belly loosen up, isn’t it

Side Crunch with a Twist: Lay down on your side. Support on your elbow. Now with the support of your legs, lift yourself up. Lift high up your other hand high up in the air. Give a tap tour side and try to touch your mat, then bring your upper hand below your side as if your dig down below. Repeat this for 1 minute full and with giving no break, try it for the other side.

Ballerina Twist: Come to a plank position with the help of your hands and your feet. Now twist your body and bring your one hand high up the sky and then dig down, below your stomach. Repeat this for 1 min and then go with other side . Remember, no break in between.

Hip Twist: Come up to a plank position . Now tap your one side of your hip to the mat by twisting and then then tap the other side .Continue this for total 1 min. No break

Trust me, if you can do this. You will sweat a lot and it will pain in a good way. And surely you will see the result.
See, only 3 moves and 5 mins, with no break in between.
After 5 mins, ta…da…… you are done. Only 5 mins and you will be proud of yourself and I too proud of you..
Go on …try it out.

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