Quick Burn Abs

No time right! But will find a small for the abs and lose a lots. Can you believe that in 3 to 5 mins we can shred a lot . Just regularize.
The best and the hard part to shred calories and fat is the belly pouch…What to do with it, tape it or wear slimming belt????
Why not rather just give 5 minutes every to it and sweat it.

No more talk talk…let’s go straight to our quick burn exercise

Boat Sit Up: Lay down on your back and Loft you legs at an angle of 45 degree angle. Keep your hands at your side straight. Lift up your head and with the help of your tummy lift yourself up and bend your knees and again come down. Repeat this for full 1 min. And you are gonna feel the pain.

V Sit Up: Lay down on your back. Now lift your legs at the same time lift yourself up with the help of your stomach and try to touch your feet with your hands and come down. Try to make a perfect V but if can go half way that’s ok too. Hey change is not easy but you are gonna make it. So push yourself hard. Repeat for 1 min.

Eagle Crunch: This is my fav one. Lay down on your back. Now Cross your hands and then cross your knee . Now give a crunch and repeat again for 1 full min. This is gonna tear your fat apart and make you feel the pain in a nice way.

Criss Cross: Lay down on your back . Lift your leg at 45 degree angle from the mat . Lift your head and support your head with your hands. Now bicycle with your legs and to make it more intense try to touch your bend knee with opposite hand and repeat for 1 min

Mountain Climber: Come to a plank position. Now with the support of your hands bring your legs front as if your are climbing . This is a bit of cardio but also will tuck your abs.

No break. 5 min all together. Who want that change and change does not comes easy. So need to work hard and 5 min is easy huh???!!!. You can do it, only a 5 min a day and every day and you are done with your belly pouch .
You are gonna have a flat, slim , sexy abs .

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