Quick Burn Arms

Hey guys! First of all, really sorry for not posting any for so many days. I have been going through a tough time which lagged be behind.

But, no worries …I am here with my new post – QUICK BURN ARMS.

I know, we all have minimum time in hand for ourselves but we should utilize that much and get a best result.

Can’t you give 5 mins a day. Yes, you can.

So next 5 min to the arms.

Arm Circle: Stand straight. Spread your arm long sideways and circle it. For 1 min gives small forward circle and the next 1 min the backward circle. Trust me you will feel it.

Prayer Pulse: You can do this sitting or standing in a position. But remember to keep the elbow together and the palm as if you are praying and try to bring the both hands high above chin and bring it down. Repeat it and, pick up your speed.
Plank Circle: Come to a plank position with your hands and feet. Remember, the hip should not be high in air or low to your mat, keep it in proper alignment with your body. Now, with one of your hand do a large circle and bring it down and repeat for other hand.

Up-up,Down-down plank: Again in the plank position and come down with your right elbow first and then left and then come up with your right hand and left and repeat this process for 1 min.

Plank: Come to the plank position on your elbow,and stay on this position for about 1 min.

So, I know it’s been bit hard. But I love you guys and I will give you the best.

Let’s sweat it up.

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