Quick Burn Thigh

This thigh part worries us a lot, so why don’t we take just 6 mins of our busy schedule and tone it up

Lower Leg Lift
Come down to your right side with support of your right elbow. Now bring your right knee front and straighten your left leg. Now, lift your left leg as much as you can and bring down. Do this for 1 min for one side and then go for the other side.

Simple Squat
Come to the squat position with hips wide apart and spread your hand. Now Lowe your hip down with straight back and come up. Repeat this for 1 min full. Lower down your hip as much as you can, feel the muscle stretch.

HighLegs Lift
Take the support of a chair and bring one leg up the chair with a hop bring other one up with the previous leg down to floor. Repeat this for 1 min.

Switch Lunges
Extend your left leg back and put your right leg at an right angle to form a lunge. Keep the knee behind the foot. Now jump and switch the leg. Repeat this process for 1 min full

High Knees
Jog on a spot.Now bring your knees high above towards chest as much as you can. Do this for 1 min.

See, completed right. A little bit hard but it’s way too worthy..

I know you can do it..so try it.

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