Beautiful Back

Let’s have few minutes for a beautiful and sculpted back. With less talk, let’s directly move to the exercises.

Exercise 1
Lay down on your belly. Now take your hands straight towards side. Now push your arms backward and lift your leg. Then bring them down. Repeat this full 1 min.

Exercise 2
Come to a plank position. Now bring your palm close in a v shape as shown below. Now give a press pointing your shoulders outside from your body. Do this full 1 min.

Exercise 3
Stand straight, now, bend your knee slightly and bend forward. Bring your arms outward, bend your hands slightly from the elbow, now give a back press. Do this for full 1 min

Exercise 4
Sit on a chair or couch. Bring your legs straight in front, touch the ground. Now, with the support of the chair or couch by your hand front of the chair or couch . Remember, you should be leaning near the chair or couch with a straight back. Now, come down close to the floor and come up to the sit position. Again 1 full min.

Exercise 5
Lay down on your belly and chest. Bring your hands beside your arms and relax the legs. Now, with the support of your hand push your upper body in a position of cobra. Now, if your can stay in this position for full 1 min or you can take a break at 30 sec.

Don’t worry do this regularly and soon you are gonna have a beautiful and sexy back.

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