Thigh blast

We all want a tone long leg and the difficult part of it is sculpting the thigh.

So, without wasting time let’s get into it.

Leg Lift: Come on all fours, now lift your right leg bend high above, as much as you can and bring it down. Do two or three reps slow then pick up the pace. Do it for 1 min for one side and the next minute go for the other side.

Side Lift: Again come on your all four. Now lift your right leg side way as much as you can. One minute for each side.

Combination of Two: Now, let’s make a bit advance one. Let’s combine the first two exercise. Come on all your four then bring your right leg up and then bring it side way. Do slowly for two to three reps then pick up the pace. Again one minute for each side.
Jump Squat: Come to a seat position then give a jump on spot. While jump, throw your hands back. Then come back to squat position. Repeat this for full 1 minute.

Tuck Jump: Come to a stand position. Now give a jump high above to bring your knees high above and try to bring your knee towards your chest. Do it for 1 minute.

Jump Lunge: Stand up, now bring your right foot back and give a lunge then just high and give a left lunge. Now while on jump you can bring your hand high above in air so that you could get some arm work out too. Now you got a bit cardio. Reps for full 1 min

Few minutes regularly and you will get a tone thigh. You are gonna feel the pain in a good way and trust me the result is on you way.

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