Before starting on the topic, I have to apologize to all of my followers, for not blogging. I was going through a lot but I again gathered up and here I am. I don’t want to go for more detailed excuses but…

I am a Mother . When we become a mother, we go through a lots of changes in our body and main body change happens with our breasts. We breastfeed out child and that’s we are really happy to do but after breastfeeding is done…I personally miss my breasts, actually we all do. We wish out that beautiful round breasts as we all had in our life.

But we mothers, we don’t have time for us but you know just doing a little bit of things we can gain it and I myself got the result.

First, Oil Massage-:

Do clock wise and anti clock wise direction and from downward to upward. Do these steps 5 minutes daily after bathing. One to two times in a day must be sufficient.

These movements increase the lymphatic drainage and the blood circulation. The massage consists of various movements to stretch out the tissues within the breast so that they appear to be bigger and firmer. This also helps to flush out the toxins that may collect in the lobules of the breast. It should be done on regular basis. The pressure applied must not be too much, or it would lead to more harm than improvement.

2. Exercises-:

Seriously, need to do these 8 exercises daily. It’s okay, I understand we MOM , don’t have that much time to do 3 sets each . No issue, do only one set . Now if you don’t have any dumbell, that’s okay too…grab two same quantity water bottle. If the plank from toe is difficult lower down to your knee but do it. You will slowly gain your strength.

Going for the description of each exercises that I am not going to do it here. I will keep it for my next post. Otherwise, this is going to be too lengthy.

Slowly gain your strength but be determined and be consistent. These all will actually tighten your breasts and helps in toning it.

3. A small Diet-:

You need to have this mixture regularly. It’s really not a big deal, you can easily find these ingredients and trust me this mixture is really easy to make.

These are nothing but peanuts, soybean and chickpeas. Take 500 gram of peanuts, 500 gram of chickpeas and 500 gram of soybean. This means they must be in 1:1:1 ratio.

Then dry them in sunlight. Once this is done, saute them one by one ( remember not deep fry) . Let them cool down, now grind them one by one . Now, mix the them properly.

Everyday, have two tablespoon of this mixture regularly, don’t overdo as this may increase your weight.

Follow these tips …I am sure you all are going to have the results .

Yes, guys this is really not for you but you can read it and help your girl.

Make sure to give me love.

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