Cupellation is a primitive assay method,well known metallurgical refining and obtaining process. Let's have a view on it for more details


Rube- Thoughts incorporates about the Rube Golberg Machine. It's an interesting and complex one and need a lots of brilliance. Let's take a small tour of it


Batman one of the famous and our favourite heroic charecter. His suit designed in an awesome way and in most innovative way. Let's know more about it.

“Suspicious Minds”

Suspicious Minds is the song got it's name on it's second run . It is a beautiful song detailing a critical part of our life. Let's have some more look on how it gor it's fame and what's the song is about..?


Conjure- first comes in mind the famous Supernatural flim. With the tinge of it, let's also find out the origin of it and the mix and match of other word ti find a beautiful meaning

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